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Ideas for the server.

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#1 Boss Slayer Helm, which is slayer helms that is same color as bosses these would cost 1k slayer points and this would make people do slayer and get those sick helms.

#2 Money tickets, 1 million 50 million 100 million 500m million 1 billion and 2 billion these tickets are for when somebody has max cash and wants more then max cash they could just buy the tickets and keep the money grind going.

#3 Removing Highscores, Yes I know removing highscores seems crazy but it's a big reason why people dont stay long because they see the top players never log out and they see they cant ever catch up so they are like in their minds well I cant catch up so I don't feel like playing also removing highscores would be a great idea because it would make players stay and just chill and not have to grind to have fun they will just play for fun and to make friends etc.

#4 XP Modes, Yes you heard right XP modes would be great for those hardcore players who wants to grind these XP modes would be 1x which would be extreme 10x which would be master 50x which would be hard really think this would grow the server also.

#5 Hardcore Ironman Mode, many of people love this mode seen many who logged and asked for it and quit after wards just because we dont have it hardcore ironman would be like normal ironman besides if you die you will just turn into normal ironman.

#6 Removing Ult Ironman, I say we remove it and replace it with hardcore ironman rarely anyone plays this mode and when they do they want loot bags which could cause dupes if not added right so really no need for this mode.

#7 Trading Server Gold For RS3/OSRS, OK so this would greatly grow the server and the eco of the server players would be allowed to trade server money for RS3 or OSRS gold or the other way around RS3/OSRS for server money this would 100% bring in players most top servers has this and they do just great it does not hurt the donations at all really it would even make people donate more hope you like this idea its one of my fav's

#8 Raids, raids would be great most people when they join a server they ask if they are raids I mean people legit would stay just because of raids this would be teamed ofc.

#9 Server Events, Yep server events you heard right we should be hosting events every week something that will get people to log just for that each week.

#10 Higher Tier Weapons, Ghrazi Rapier, Twisted Bow, And The Scythe maybe we have these but if not these are great weapons to add in the game.


These are just a few of my ideas to grow the server hope you like them thank you.

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