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  1. Hello everyone! I wanted to let you know guys, that if you have any ideas, that you think can be good for our server, don't keep that inside yourselves. You can always share it with me and we will see what can we do about it. I promisse that all your ideas will be discussed. Aswell if you find anything that might not be working, just let me know. You can always find me on Discord and PM me in game: Pkgod. Have a great week anyone, and lets make FuryScape #1!
  2. Hello everyone, i wanted to let everyone know, that we have the best, most motivated staff members i've ever seen, server progressing very fast, it has alot of awesome stuff, very warm home area, and friendly players that will help you with any question. I am planning to make as much guides as possible to make your life easier. You can PM me in game or discord with any question, share ideas with me, and lets make Furyscape BIG! Pkgod.