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  1. Hello Everyone. In this section I will be posting big updates that have been made to server since the opening. BIG UPDATES THAT HAVE HAPPENED 1. 1st and 2nd donor zones are up and fully working. Check the donator part of forums to see the perks. 2. Fully working donation with correct ranks by name. 3. You can purchase nuggets at home in exchange for cash This was added because when people start to have a lot of money it will be easy to stack more cash. UPDATES THAT ARE IN THE WORKS 1. Pking bugs will be fixed soon 2. Big update to different drops for all bosses(taking out unnecessary drops) 3. Discord will be fully connected so you all can come and join the FuryScape discord. For now if you are on and want to join the discord just pm lawrence, kristian, pkgod,or frosty. Send us your discord and we will send you invite manually until discord link fully works. LAST THING If you would like to see certain things added to the server, you can message pkgod. Not all ideas brought up to him will be brought up to me. Do not hesitate to say things you want because they may have a chance of being added. I will constantly be getting work done on server to always better it and make sure you all are enjoying your time while playing. Thank you for taking the time to read this have a good one 😀.
  2. Hey Everyone. There are a number of updates being worked on as time goes. As more people join I would like for you all to post things you may want to see in the future under this section. All ideas presented may not make it into the game, but I will definitely take all ideas into consideration. Thanks for your time. Have a good one!!!!
  3. Enter any guides you come up with here!!!
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  5. Welcome to the new server!!!! If you are reading this I appreciate you taking the time out to come check out what this server is all about!! Enjoy!!!!!