Ideas for the server.30-09-2019, 05:03 by Reaper

#1 Boss Slayer Helm, which is slayer helms that is same color as bosses these would cost 1k slayer points and this would make people do slayer and get those sick helms.

#2 Money tickets, 1 million 50 million 100 million 500m million 1 billion and 2 billion these tickets are for when somebody has max cash and wants more then max cash they could just buy the tickets and keep the money grind going.

#3 Removing Highscores, Yes I know removing highscores seems crazy but it's a big reason why people dont stay long because they see the top players never log out and they see they cant ever catch up so they are like in their minds well I cant catch up so I don't feel like playing also removing highscores would be a great idea because it would make players stay and just chill and not have to grind to have fun they will just play for fun and to make friends etc.

#4 XP Modes, Yes you heard right XP modes would be great for those hardcore players who wants to grind these XP modes would be 1x which would be extreme 10x which would be master 50x which would be hard really think this would grow the server also.

#5 Hardcore Ironman Mode, many of people love this...

Ideas to make server big!23-09-2019, 15:07 by Pkgod

Hello everyone! 

I wanted to let you know guys, that if you have any ideas, that you think can be good for our server, don't keep that inside yourselves. You can always share it with me and we will see what can we do about it. I promisse that all your ideas will be discussed. Aswell if you find anything that might not be working, just let me know. You can always find me on Discord and PM me in game: Pkgod. Have a great week anyone, and lets make FuryScape #1! 

Updates21-09-2019, 20:22 by Lawrence

Hey Everyone. There are a number of updates being worked on as time goes. As more people join I would like for you all to post things you may want to see in the future under this section.


All ideas presented may not make it into the game, but I will definitely take all ideas into consideration.


Thanks for your time. Have a good one!!!!